Cyto centrifuges

Cyto centrifuges – Slee Cellspin I en II

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Basis-of geavanceerde cyto centrifuges voor productie van monolaag celpreparaten

  • Eenvoudig in gebruik
  • Programmeerbaar toerental

Flexibele keuze van rotoren

  • Cytocentrifugation open of gesloten (12 posities)
  • Gemakkelijk te demonteren rotor voor laden buiten de centrifuge
  • Grote verscheidenheid aan rotoren beschikbaar (sediment, cytocentrifuge)

Scherp geprijsde verbruiksartikelen

  • Enkele & dubbele cellfunnels (voor meervoudig of eenmalig gebruik)
  • Groot volume Ecofunnels (voor meervoudig of eenmalig gebruik)
  • Verschillende absorptie pads
  • Gecoat en ongecoat cyto objectdragers
Basic or advanced cytocentrifuge for monolayer cell preparation

Flexible choice and handling of rotors

  • Cytocentrifugation open or closed (12 loading positions)
  • Easily removable rotor for ouside loading
  • Wide variety of rotors available (sediment, cytocentrifuge)

 Competitively priced consumables

  • Single and double cellfunnels (reusable or disposable)
  • Large volume Ecofunnels (reusable or disposable)
  • Variety of absorption pads
  • Coated and uncoated cytocentrifugation slides

 Easy and safe handling

  • Convenient preparation
  • Slide clips applicable to resusable and disposable funnels
  • Slide label readable at any time
  • Indication of the RCF during centrifugation

Specifications Cellspin I

Spin performace 6.000 rpm
Rotoren Cellclip-rotor open or closed (up to 2.000 rpm)Swing-out rotors

Fixed angle rotors

Safety aspects Automatic cover lock and holdingAutomatic imbalance shut-off

Automatic rotor recognitionEmergency unlocking

IEC 1010Safety alarm to protect Operators and samples

Design Metal casing and coverentrifugation chamber made of stainless steel

Swing stopper

Viewing window in lid

Dimensions[WxDxH] 370 x 430 x 260 mm
Weight [kg] approx. 25 kg
Electrical parameters 208-240 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 15500000)

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